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Recruitment In Care is an independent company offering a specialist recruitment service to organisations in the care sector. This makes us ideally situated to help the right people find the right positions with temporary short term contracts or permanent employment, wherever they might be.

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Transparent Pricing From The Start

Recruitment In Care Basic Package:

  • Managed Job Advertisements
  • CV Filtering Service
  • Managed Interview Booking

Costs Involved:

  • Fixed 6% Support Workers
  • Fixed 7% Senior Staff
  • Fixed 9% Managers Upwards
  • Fixed Rate Bank staff £600

Recruitment In Care Pro Package:

  • Managed Job Advertisements
  • References obtained on behalf of clients for validation.
  • Pre-Interviewed Candidates.
  • CV + Pre-interview documents supplied.
  • Managed Interview Bookings.

Costs Involved:

  • Fixed 10% on Managers & Senior Staffing fee, based on candidates PA salary
  • Fixed 9% fee for all non-senior roles, based on candidates PA salary
  • Fixed Rate Bank Staff £600